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Services along the entire product life cycle

Our life-cycle management focusses to ideally accompany your product innovations from the idea through to life cycle services and support them basing on partnership.


Coaching of ideas
We are happy to offer you consulting of how to turn your ideas into reality; a consulting regarding chances on the market, market appearance and other parameters due to decades of experience in various market segments, ideal for start-up companies.

Topics of such coaching or a workshop are for instance:

  • technology
  • make or buy
  • type of company
  • sales planning
  • target markets

Goals of the Lifecycle-Management approach:

  • ideal accompaniment of for instance start-up companies in production- and product-related questions
  • efficient transfer of product innovations into serial products
  • constant monitoring of the product pipeline: optimisation of existing serial products, avoidance of strategical gap’s.
  • early risk assessment and minimisation
  • joint product development and implementation process
  • optimised development times and costs through availability of the relevant methods and technical expertise
  • results that can be expected are quicker time to market and shorter time span to reach break-even

Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM)

We accompany the products from the initial idea all along the entire product lifecycle on a total approach or also modularly according to your demand.

Due to PLM (Product-Lifecycle-Management) your product is in good hands during all phases of its life cycle.

Our expertise and competencies relieve your resources an decrease your total costs by creating synergies along all stages of the product lifecycle.

Services in EMS – the CCS Group as a committed member of a ZVEI-initiative

„Services in EMS“ is an initiative of the EMS-Provider within the ZVEI-professional association PCB and Electronic Systems (ZVEI = Deutscher Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.).

The Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers associated with the ZVEI inform with this initiative about their capability, offer a range of services and commit to quality and environmental management.

The participating EMS-providers ensure to comply with these standards rigorously. In return, they earn the right to use a protected logo, which indicates quality and service expertise to mutually strengthen trust between customers and the EMS providers.


Conception, application development and certification

Development of hard and software for electronic and mechatronic modules and appliances. Customer specific designs; from PCBs and modules to complete appliances.

Our experienced development team gladly supports you in achieving all kinds of approbations.

  • Conception services

    Project and product consulting, including consultancy regarding product conception and products risk assessment for early risk minimising.

    Major focuses during the conception are:

    • system design
    • product packaging
    • product lifespan
    • target approvals
    • timing (time to market)
    • BOM rough draft
    • functional description
    • feasibility study
    • quality target
    • price, number of pieces
    • production country
    • specification book review

    Accompanying documents include requested and mandatory specification and pre-versions of the Bill of Material (BOM).

  • Application developement

    We develop for ideal manufacturability: pre-series and mass production run smoothly at a later stage.

    Our innovative developments will provide the necessary „added value“ to your products.

    Main focus during development stage:

    • Project Management
    • DFC design for cost
    • DFL design for logistics
    • DFM design for manufacturing
    • DFS design for security
    • DFT design for test
    • functional samples and prototypes
    • lifespan & environmental tests etc.
    • hardware development (incl. layout)
    • OCM set-up
    • software development
    • construction
    • design (housing, packaging)
    • development verification
  • Certification services

    Work together with us when it comes to product-approvals:

    • consultancy
    • coordination
    • pre-compliance test

Lean-Management of the CCS Group

Lean Management at the CCS Group is considering the whole value creation process; from product development through to logistics at customers point of use.

Thus we set our focus on the total as well as on the individual value stream and its optimisation. As a result our customers receive a tailored and optimised solution within the process landscape.

Examples of implemented Lean Management initiatives:

  • Lean-Development (e.g. DFX, Simultaneous Engineering)
  • Lean-Administration (e.g. BOM-Costing-Tool: efficient tendering process, supporting material sourcing)
  • Lean-Manufacturing (e.g. reorientation of production sites according to lean principles, reduction of setup times, creation of integrated customer specific workstations according to lean-principles)

Services NPI „New Product Introduction“

In the industrialisation phase your product is optimised for mass production. For this, all production-relevant data is specified and production technology optimisations are examined. Another important part of this is the definition of the test concept.

  • Industrialisation

    We support you in the transferal of your developments into series production:

    • test development & production equipment
    • tooling construction & programming (product specific items)
    • data compilation
    • operation planning (visual-aid)
    • configuration management
    • packaging
    • procurement / logistic concepts
    • labelling
    • sample review
    • reduced DFX (in case of 3rd party development)


We produce at several sites in Europe and Asia: from simple components and cable assemblies to highly complex system integration. As per our mutual agreement!

PCB assemblies:

  • state-of-the-art assembly lines
  • batch sizes from 1 to > 1 M pcs
  • laquering and potting technologies
  • Production pursuant to IPC -610 class 2 and 3
  • various test methods for PCBA-manufacturing to ensure the right quality

Cable assemblies and complex wiring harnesses:

  • Fully automatic cutting and stripping machines
  • ultrasonic welding
  • Hotmelt-Molding
  • various test methods for cable assemblies to ensure the right quality

Main focuses of this are:

  • conception and implementation of production processes
  • design and construction of test systems incl. software
  • production of samples and prototypes
  • mounting of electronic assemblies
  • construction of devices and systems
  • realisation of customised tests
  • surface treatments and finishes
  • Production competence

    Overview of the process elements of production and testing possibilities by location:

  • Materials management

    Purchasing and supplying of production with the necessary parts and materials:

    • Consultancy in the selection of electronic parts and mechanical components
    • Strategic and operational purchasing at all sites, Commodity Management
    • Supply Chain Management B2B, also B2C if agreed
    • Allocation management
    • International selection of suppliers with specific Asian preference programme in the passive and electromechanical sector
    • Supplier development programme
    • Customer-specific materials logistics

Speed Prototyping

A prototype offers you a wealth of advantages, and near-series tests with the required testing depth enable the physical realisation of your latest business idea or your next development. Take advantage of our services. We can generate layouts and create a functional model within a few working days at our European locations.

Your advantages

  • Important feedback for pre-series and series productions
  • European prototype centres
  • Realisation within a few working days, thanks to line flexibility & high material availability
  • As of batch size 1
  • Webshop with illustration of order status

Life Cycle Services

Logistic services, Life cycle cost-monitoring, Aftersales services & End-of-Life

So that you can focus on the introduction of your follow-up product, we offer complete packages in the phases of product saturation and degeneration.

Not only do we keep for you an eye on the “poor dogs” for example with repair and replacement services but also determine with you the right timing for the introduction of the follow-up product, to avoid any strategic gaps.

With our experience we jointly and pro-actively improve the product quality to offer you continuous added value.

  • Logistic Services

    Main topics of logistics:

    • direct and indirect distribution
    • stock keeping & assemblies

    We will take care of logistic details such as labels, manuals, packaging and ensure proper storing as well as timely shipping of your components and devices.

  • Life cycle cost-monitoring

    Main topics of the Life cycle cost-monitoring:

    • component engineering
    • optimisation of the production costs
    • obsolescence management

    For component engineering and production cost optimisation programs, our location in China can profit from an in-house component engineering department with a portfolio of preferred Chinese suppliers. Our preferred sub-suppliers underlie a continuous quality audit process.

    Our obsolescence management determines by manufacturer obsolete components in order to initiate timely measures.

    Identifying and qualifying of spare parts, the procurement of materials for the planned service life incl. last-time buy demand, long term storage and re-design measures play an important role.

  • Aftersales services

    Topics within the Aftersales service:

    • Service-Agreements
    • Software-Update
    • Repairs, maintenance, calibration
    • Product services
    • long time stockkeeping
    • post production

    Our full service includes proper maintenance of all supplied components and devices.

    We also carry out repairs if ever necessary and keep your products with continuous upgrades up-to-date.

  • End-of-Life

    Topics within the End-of-Life services:

    • waste management
    • management of certification (discontinuation)
    • data-storage / handover of data and parameters

    At the end of the product life cycle, we ensure the proper recycling of reusable materials and proper disposal.

    With our Green Initiatives we try to take all relevant environmental aspects to the greatest possible extent into account.


Learn and get to know about the testing possibilities.

  • Introduction test systems

    Although it is not a value-adding process, testing is indispensable. The manufacture of electronic assemblies is a sequential production process characterised by different influencing factors. Product quality is determined by a succession of hundreds to thousands of process steps. Even in extremely stable processes, the number of miniscule flaws can increase at individual steps over the entire chain and, exponentially, result in a value for the complete assembly which is by no means negligible. Inspections are therefore essential. Whether these are visual, electrical or conducted employing other methods, the CCS Group provides its customers with numerous different test options which, individually or combined, contribute to an optimum result and the desired quality.

  • Test methods

    We can employ the following test technologies: