Holistic Lifecycle-Management of the CCS Group (LCM)

Our life-cycle management focusses to ideally accompany your product innovations from the idea through to life cycle services and support them basing on partnership.

Coaching of ideas
We are happy to offer you consulting of how to turn your ideas into reality; a consulting regarding chances on the market, market appearance and other parameters due to decades of experience in various market segments, ideal for start-up companies.

Topics of such coaching or a workshop are for instance:

  • technology
  • make or buy
  • type of company
  • sales planning
  • target markets


Goals of the holistic Lifecycle-Management approach:

  • ideal accompaniment of for instance start-up companies in production- and product-related questions
  • efficient transfer of product innovations into serial products
  • constant monitoring of the product pipeline: optimisation of existing serial products, avoidance of strategical gap’s.
  • early risk assessment and minimisation
  • joint product development and implementation process
  • optimised development times and costs through availability of the relevant methods and technical expertise
  • results that can be expected are quicker time to market and shorter time span to reach break-even